Artificial optimism - Why I believe that AI will infiltrate our lives for the better

Artificial optimism - Why I believe that AI will infiltrate our lives for the better

Whilst many look upon artificial intelligence with fear, it is important to recognise just how much of an impactful role it will play, and already has played, in our lives. When we think of AI in 2022, we tend to presume that this means advanced robotics overtaking our jobs and life. This common misconception is what is having a negative effect on the opportunity to move forward with this technology.

In 2019, I was asked in an interview about artificial Intelligence, the role it plays in the workforce and its role in combating public health issues. I don’t believe any of us saw what the next two years bestowed upon us as a species – however, we persevered. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, AI was successfully used to monitor outbreaks, control infections, predict new waves and gather data regarding symptoms, mortality rates and prevalence of the virus. It is here that we need to look upon technology and artificial intelligence with gratitude and assist in the developments that are yet to come.

As I said last year, in time, omnipresent AI will contribute $150 trillion to the global economy. Still standing by that, I must point out that this sort of optimism and celebration is to occur with caution. Whilst I am a proud supporter of what AI can achieve, I believe that it needs to be pushed forward with a humanitarian effort. Developing AI for the use of humanity rather than to just give a machine consciousness is one of the key parts to remember.

With the rapid trajectory that technology grows at on a daily basis, it is almost impossible to fathom where we will be in ten years. Many, including myself, recognise how the development and growth of this technology could have a detrimental effect on the divide between classes. To begin with I understand that there are a lot of jobs that are replaceable via machines and AI – this is not to say this is forever.

The divide between classes, in 2021, being at its seemingly worst in a long time I can see that the loss of jobs I stand by what I have always said and that is that to begin with, people will struggle in every sense – but for the good of humanity’s tomorrow we need to stand by AI.

You might be asking yourself the question of: how can you be an explicit supporter of those living in poverty and recognise the struggle that will inevitably occur and accept it? The answer is, I don’t accept it with ease. The world is evolving and changing constantly and one day I would like to sit back and say I contributed to that change for the better. Call me overly optimistic but I strongly believe that developments within technology and AI will improve the standards of society and the lives of everyone, globally.

Looking upon this topic on a global scale, it is clear that the roll out of such technologies won’t be as accessible in lots of part of the world. However, as I mentioned before, looking at and using AI from a humanitarian perspective will allow us to not only use AI to assist counties out of poverty but also implement it within the lives of those who live in impoverished areas. This is what I mean when I talk about AI being one of the best developments for humans.

Let’s embrace artificial intelligence, look at all the way it has improved life so far and welcome it into our lives – I promise, it’ll be worth it.

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