Drones delivering vaccines in India

Drones delivering vaccines in India

COVID-19 has increased the usage of drones to deliver medical supplies. The use of drones to deliver medical goods tested by is being organisation Doctors Without Borders in countries such as Liberia and Papua New Guinea. There are many countries across the globe that lack the infrastructure to have vital vaccines delivered meaning delivery from the sky may be the only way to ensure that people are receiving their needed dose.

There has been a rise in urgency in India for organisations to adopt drone delivery to protect those living in rural areas. The delivery of vaccines often requires refrigeration and safe and reliable transit. This comes as a challenge, especially in those areas where journeys can be treacherous across rough terrain.

Drones have been being tested from as far back as 2014 during a tuberculosis outbreak in Papua New Guinea. The new technology allows the delivery of medical goods. Other countries taking notice of the success in Papua New Guinea. One country that paid a lot of attention was Rwanda. The nation began using drones on a national scale. Drones began delivering blood on demand and at scheduled intervals.


There are 1.4 billion citizens of India with around 30,000 healthcare institutions. However, at least 10% of those medical centres are inaccessible to those living in rural and isolated areas. However, with the implementation of drones across the nation means that vaccines are able to reach those who would have usually been unable to receive a vaccination.

The drone project in India is the first of its kind in Asia. Delivering vaccines beyond visual range means that those living in remote areas are now significantly less vulnerable to disease outbreaks.

The initiative is now ready to expand other parts of the region. The drones have, so far, only competed deliveries from Telangana to remote areas. The aim is so move out towards the Himalayan belt where communities will be served with medical goods from the sky.

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