Forward:Thinking - AI redefining job roles

Forward:Thinking - AI redefining job roles

Forward:Thinking is a series that will feature stories about my ventures into esports, blindness, artificial intelligence and everything in between. Read below to find out about the introduction and expansion of using artificial intelligence throughout many sectors.

I have spoken several times before regarding artificial intelligence and the human workforce. Whilst I am aware that various human jobs will be taken over by AI, it will become a positive take-over.

Many people become anxious when thinking about the rise of artificial intelligence. They worry about how much the technology has advanced over the last couple of years. Often people believe that technology will one day replace everything and everyone – this is not the case.

Automation will likely displace various jobs in the coming decade. This will cause a significant rise in the number of people working jobs deemed to be rewarding and complex. Automated machines and AI will reduce the demand for human labour for repetitive and tedious tasks. As well as this, it also will alleviate the need for intense manual labour.

AI has the potential to take over and reduce a lot of pressure for human labour. However, whilst the technology is impressive it cannot replicate certain human characteristics that society needs.

It is vital to recognise that human labour will always be essential. However, it is also important to note that the takeover of many labour-heavy jobs will redefine the way humans work. Jobs that require a human thought and emotion will now be able to place emphasis on bigger issues and tasks.


Empathy is something completely unique to humans, even if some argue that intelligent animals can also feel the emotion. Having personal, complex relationships with a work environment or really any situation allows humans to think beyond the result. As of now, AI does not have the functionality to be conscious. It is safe to say that technology is a long way from that quite yet.

Artificial intelligence can improve in areas such as productivity and efficiency. Whilst I can see all the good that AI can achieve in a variety of sectors, I also understand that it can lack complete creativity. One thing AI is unable to do, so far, is understand human psychology. It functions to complete certain tasks and to do that it needs a specific amount of information. Humans are creative and thoughtful. We strive to come up with innovative ideas and new ways to look at things. AI cannot do this, I think this will become one of the main issues when implementing AI across society. This also makes me hopeful about the future and what AI can achieve. It has the potential to be an extremely useful tool when we combine it with the creativity and thoughtfulness of humans.


Although AI is incredibly accurate, it lacks intuition. No matter how advanced, AI is unable to understand human emotion. There have been some cases where a programme is able to use a live image of a person’s face and work out the emotion from the expression of a face however that is very surface level. Being able to understand how to be sensitive to a situation is a trait only a human can achieve. The issue is most prevalent when talking to a bot online. It created to only understand certain issues that the user may be experiencing whilst a human would be able to understand emotionally and intellectually.

Similarly to my opinion in the past, I am constantly looking forward to what AI will achieve in the future and how it will infiltrate our lives for the greater good. I think that the steps being taken forward are incredible and I am excited to see what comes next.

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