Indian entrepreneurship on the rise

Indian entrepreneurship on the rise

Entrepreneurship in India has grown significantly since 2015 to now. The growth and development over the last few years has impacted and contributed to the nations economy in an unprecedented way.

In 2021, India was ranked the second most entrepreneurial country in the world, ranking above economic powers such as the USA, UK and China. The start-up ecosystem saw a 9x increase in the amount of investors and a 7x increase in the funding of start-ups. With the significant growth in the amount of new business activity, India also ranked the third largest source of start-ups in the world.

Indian entrepreneurs have created new paths of wealth creation and have been able too provide the nations consumers with new services, technology and products. Using new technology, the entrepreneurs have been able to grow their businesses in news ways, leading to much more success compared to in the past.

The Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi has introduced a programme in Entrepreneurship Development that will help new entrepreneurs and fresh businesses thrive. With the technological innovation combined with a new wave of talent, investors from across the world have been attracted to investing in Indian start-ups over the last few years.

The new educational programme will assist people in acquiring an entrepreneurial mindset and teach them to the practical knowledge and perspective needed when starting a business. It is said that at the end of the programme, students/learners will benefit from a well-crafted platform to integrate themselves into a business-minded culture whilst joining an ecosystem of likeminded people, learn how to tend to purposeful business ideas, nurture opportunities and also become equipped with the necessary skills to establish and grow ventures.

The encouragement and success of start-ups and fresh businesses in India can only be seen as a positive. Allowing those with an idea to flourish and bring it to fruition will continue to create a positive impact on the country and the economy. It is always good to see prosperity and growth.

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