Nestle Launches New Platform for Young Entrepreneurs

Nestle Launches New Platform for Young Entrepreneurs

International company Nestle has launched a digital platform for young entrepreneurs as part of its Global Youth Initiative.

Nestlé has launched a digital platform for young entrepreneurs as a part of their Global Youth Initiative. The platform is created for young innovators and entrepreneurs who want to learn new skills, test out their ideas or grow their business ventures.

The Nestlé Youth Entrepreneurship Platform (YEP), a new digital platform will support new and young businesses in areas that vary from food science and technology to the development of services and products.

The platform will being together all of Nestlé's existing innovation programmes in one place. It will give users access to The Nestlé Entrepreneurship Academy plus other dedicated programmes to build knowledge, learn new skills and gain experience. It will also offer young entrepreneurs access to customised content and resources from specific locations that are convenient for the user.

There are various parts of the Nestlé Youth Entrepreneurship Platform. These include:

Purina Unleashed: This is the first and only pet care programme that is designed to identify and support creative and innovative start-ups that focus on the lives of pets and owners.

Nestlé Market Initiatives: Nestlé has many market initiatives under their brand such as Ignite Ideas. Ignite supports startups and individuals. Reto Culinario in El Salvador is an entrepreneurial TV competition that showcases young people working towards culinary innovation. Within the same field is CEO X Youth Connect in East and South Africa. This enables young people to engage with CEOs from large companies and brands that are connected with Nestlé's Alliance for YOUth.

Nestlé R+D Accelerator: Nestlé has 12 Accelerators across the world that focus on developing food and beverage innovations and bringing them to the market within six months. Those part of the Accelerator programme can work together alongside Nestlé's food and drink experts from across the world to learn about nutrition, regulatory standards, design and advertising.  

On top of these programmes and opportunities, Nestlé also launched the Nestlé Needs YOUth initiative in 2013. This was a response to the International Labour Organisation reporting that 2 out of 5 young people are either unemployed or working a job that keeps them in poverty. The initiatives supported young people in gaining the skills needed to thrive.

The company's Global Youth Initiative has allowed many young people to begin to ascend out of poverty. It has been said that Nestlé's support has benefitted more than 4 million young people across the world with employability, agripreneurship and entrepreneurship.

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