Partnerships Providing Entrepreneurial Support

Partnerships Providing Entrepreneurial Support

The University of York in England has formed a partnership with Barclays Bank subsidiary Barclays Eagle Labs. The partnership will be based on the university’s east campus in the newly refurbished Catalyst building.

This partnership is allowing businesses that have been operating for over a year access to banking experts, also receiving access to a network of co-working spaces. As well as this, new entrepreneurs will be able to speak to mentors and use a variety of learning tools. Those part of the partnership will also gain access to events, growth programmes and Eagle Labs across the country.

Barclays Eagle Lab is a business growth initiative from UK bank Barclays. Their goal is to support the UK’s new and ambitious businesses and entrepreneurs.  Subsequently assisting in the success of the UK’s start-up community. They focus mainly on ensuring success and supporting businesses that focus on innovation and technology. Once up and running, Eagle Labs also offer support in scaling the business.

City Drive

The city of York has been making bold moves to encourage growth in the city. The partnership is possible due to financial support from York-based digital transformation consultancy, Boxxe. The company CEO, Phil Doye, often expresses his passion for entrepreneurship and creating long-term sustainable businesses.

The partnership is a result of a period of consultation with a variety of city partners and local stakeholders. These include the City of York Council, Whitecap Consulting and many other local investors and entrepreneurs. The announcement also coincides with the panel discussion on Building Yorks Entrepreneurial Culture at the York Festival of Ideas.

My thoughts

After investing in a variety of innovative and technological companies. I have been able to see just how important these new and ambitious ideas are. Having the extra support and learning what is best for your business is an incredible opportunity that I’m sure many other cities across the UK will welcome.

It seems that many overlook other cities outside of London as cultural or technological hubs, especially across the northern part of the UK. The university’s decision to form this partnership is bound to have a positive and significant effect of business and cultural growth in the city of York.

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