The internet of Things - explained

The internet of Things - explained

The internet of things (IoT) is something that is fairly new. However, the entire system of IoT is similar to technology we have experienced for decades. IoT refers to any object that can wirelessly connect to the internet or the cloud. Rather than having human to computer or computer to computer connections, objects communicate amongst themselves to create an action.

An example of something that a user can control wirelessly and possibly automatically is a garage door. For years we have been able to remotely open a garage door with a controller. The internet of things adds an extra layer. One key element of IoT is the ability of sensors connect to one another and other objects to create action.


For example: a car pulls into a drive way.  The car then activates a sensor that car opens the door without the driver doing anything. Another layer to this would be, the garage door connecting to the internet to track the drivers location. This would then open the door within the time it takes for the driver to reach the garage.

Having products connect to the internet allows them to be smarter. Having smarter devices and items encourages convenance and automation. This leads into creating a smart home. Over the last five years smart homes and smart home devices have become increasingly popular. This is mostly due to their affordability and accessibility.

User Friendly

One of the companies to revolutionise smart homes was Apple via HomeKit. The design of HomeKit allows users to create a seamless and effortless smart home experience. Users are able to set up rooms, settings and automatic timing. Similarly to the garage door example, users are able to set their appliances to activate when they based on their location or the time of day.

With the increase of usage of IoT connected devices, predicted that there will be 3.74 billion IoT mobile connections worldwide by 2025 as well as more than 64 billion IoT devices installed by 2026. With many households already containing start kits such as automated lightbulbs and hubs, the increase is not surprising.

IoT is something that has naturally rose in prominence over the few years due to the nature of assistance and innovation. It provides people and companies to have a deeper insight into and control over objects and environments that are normally unable to connect to the internet.  It is also allowing people to be better connected to the world around them whilst having the time and space to do more meaningful and productive work.

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