A Legacy of Support - Queen Elizabeth II

A Legacy of Support - Queen Elizabeth II

Last week, the world was solemnly informed of the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Reigning for 70 years, Her Majesty was the longest-serving monarch and pledged her support to many charitable causes over the last seven decades.

The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust was founded in honour of the Queens Diamond Jubilee in 2012. The mission of the trust was to leave a lasting legacy across the commonwealth. The Trust's mission was to launch five-year programmes that would see partnerships form to end avoidable blindness and empower young leaders.

The Trust went on to travel to some of the poorer regions of the commonwealth to support those communities in need. One key figure of the Trust was Her Majesty's daughter-in-law, the Countess of Wessex. In 2015, to mark the occasion of their 50th birthday, the Countess became Vice-Patron. Her first engagement saw her visit the newly created Commonwealth Eye Consortium at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Working closely with The Queen, they continued to pledge their support to end avoidable blindness.

In November 2015, photojournalists organised an exhibition that showcased the impact of needless blindness across the Commonwealth. The exhibition showed the harsh reality of those suffering and displayed the work that the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust was doing.

The Trust also went on to support the organisation Peek Vision. The Trust supported them through the Commonwealth Eye Health Consortium and introduced Peek Retina, a camera that can scan inside the eye.

Due to the support from the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust, Commonwealth Governments went on to pledge to bring vision to everyone everywhere.

From 2012 to 2020, the Queen, alongside the Diamond Jubilee Trust worked tirelessly to support those suffering needlessly across the Commonwealth. It is clear that a true and impactful legacy has been left across the world.

All of us at the Tej Kohli and Ruit Foundation are deeply saddened by the loss of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - may she rest in peace.

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