Curing Blindness In Ghana - New Continent, Same Mission

Curing Blindness In Ghana - New Continent, Same Mission
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The Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation's mission is to eradicate needless cataract blindness, which affects millions of people worldwide, particularly those in developing countries like Ghana. Poverty, lack of access to healthcare, and limited resources exacerbate the problem, creating an unfair and inescapable cycle of deprivation.

The foundation's strategy is to support the development of sustainable eye care systems in developing countries by training local surgeons and providing them with the necessary equipment and technology to perform cataract surgeries. This approach ensures that the intervention is not a one-time fix but a long-term solution that creates a lasting impact.

The foundation's work in Ghana so far has so far cured 1000 people across six different regions, including Cape Coast, Koforidua, Bekwai, Agogo, Ejura, and Aflao. This was achieved alongside the Himalayan Cataract Project, who next week, will be travelling back to Ghana with the Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation to cure many more in Koforidua. Cataract blindness is responsible for more than half of all blindness cases in the country, with the majority of those affected living in remote and impoverished areas.

According to a report by the Ghanaian Health Service in 2021, more than 227,000 Ghanaians were reported to be visually impaired, with 54.8% of the cases being caused by cataracts. The data highlights the alarming prevalence of cataracts, which can be easily treated. Additionally, the report indicated that a significant number of people afflicted by cataracts resided in remote and underprivileged regions.

Efforts to raise awareness about the importance of eye health and the availability of treatment for cataract blindness are also critical. By educating the population, they can identify and seek treatment for the condition, reducing the number of cases and ultimately eradicating needless cataract blindness.

The Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation's plan is to expand its mission to other countries across Africa, such as Tanzania and Ethiopia. By replicating their approach in these countries, we can create a broader impact and reduce the prevalence of cataract blindness in the region.

The Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation's work in Ghana and its plan to expand to other countries across Africa is commendable. By eradicating needless cataract blindness, they are creating a lasting impact on people's lives, lifting them out of poverty and creating a fairer and more just society.

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