Investment Hotspots - Where Is Best To Buy?

Investment Hotspots - Where Is Best To Buy?

With rising inflation across the globe, many are making the sensible decision to begin to invest in real estate. Jumping under the cover of the housing market seems to like the best thing to do right now, especially with an inevitable continued price increase.

In Singapore, private home prices increased 3.5% in the second quarter of 2022. With major housing projects popping up across Singapore. Many are beginning to look elsewhere in terms of property. There is an abundance of places across the globe that offer worthy opportunities with real estate - here are some of the key locations right now:

Bangkok, Thailand

Prior to the pandemic, Bangkok was a popular tourist destination for many travelling from surrounding nations. Many Singaporeans were either purchasing holiday homes or investment properties in the city. At the beginning of 2022, Bangkok saw its luxury apartment market recover on the back of investor demands.

Due to this demand, investors are on the hunt for upscale developments. The pandemic has left the market for luxury apartments rather scarce, however, the demand is starting to be met with many ventures being planned across the city.

Berlin, Germany

Rather than going to enjoy the culture and history of Germany's capital, many are beginning to enjoy property investment in Berlin.

Over the last decade, Berlin has become a hotspot for tech start-ups and young professionals leading to both economic and population growth.

As a result of this, developments have popped up across the city and sold as soon as they reached the market. There is, however, now a shortage of new-build apartments across the city. According to JLL Research around 10,700 new apartments are needed in Berlin each year.

Many are making the attempt to fix the issue as quickly as possible, however, with the population growth increasing significantly, it is hard to say whether the capital will be able to catch up. Although this seems unlikely, Berlin still remains a top place to invest. Population growth means economic prosperity which can lead to a worthy investment.

Manchester, UK

MediaCityUK, Greater Manchester 

Manchester has often been overlooked as a thriving metropolis. Often falling in second place after London, the northern city has much to offer.

Being famous for its calm approach to city living, Manchester has seen renting price rise by 58% in the last 10 years. At the same time, the city has seen a rise of 233% in house prices, surpassing the 198% growth recorded in London.

Whilst Manchester boasts several victorian buildings, it has also become the home to some of the UK's most modern architecture. Within Manchester sits MediaCity. Sitting on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal on the outskirts of the city, MediaCity is the largest media hub outside of London.

With the overpopulation of London soaring prices up, Manchester has seen steady population growth. With this comes many new major developments, especially for the young professionals leaving the capital city of London to live in the north. With this steady growth comes many housing investment opportunities.

Manila, Philippines

Manila Skyline, Philippines 

Following the pandemic, a feeling of optimism ran across the Philippines. With expected economic growth, the real estate sector is bound to rise.

Residential properties in the Manila market are becoming more in demand than ever before, with an increase in interest for condominiums around the metro Manila area.

With offices calling employees out of their homes and into the office, workers are wanting to live in areas that offer convenience. Buyers who are looking to capitalise on the economic and property rebound of Manila should pay attention to Manila.

One of the key developments taking shape at the moment is a project called The Valaris Residences in Bridgetowne which is located between Quezon City and Pasig City.

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Malaysia is home to the city of Johor Bahru, the capital of its southernmost state Johor. With easy and fast connections to Singapore, many have opted to live in the city and travel across the border to work.

Following the pandemic, travel restrictions across the border were lifted and commuters were allowed to travel across the border leading to a surge in the area's population.

The return of Singaporean visitors to Johor, alongside the reduction in COVID-19 is expected to revive retail, tourism and hospitality. Similar to other cities, the recovering economy is bound to affect the real estate market and introduce many investment initiatives.

Tokyo, Japan

When it comes to Japan, many investors opt to invest in property in the capital city of Japan.

Tokyo is one of the only cities in the world that was able to hold its housing market high during the pandemic. According to JLL Research, house prices in Tokyo grew at a CAGR of 5.6% between 2014 and 2021. As well as this, at the height of the pandemic, prices remained at around 14.2% in 2020.

Japan is set to recover in terms of population and economy following pandemic border closures.

Overall, the pandemic of 2020/21 saw many countries and cities fall into economic hardship. However, with the end in sight and many locations beginning to recover, investment opportunities are only growing.

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