London Needs A Station F

London Needs A Station F

For those who don't know what Station F is, here is a quick explainer. It's in the 13th arrondissement of Paris and is the world's largest start up incubator, home to some of the largest companies in the world.

Microsoft and Meta sit snugly inside the 34,000m2 vast space, which is the largest co-living space in all of Europe with over 1,000 start ups residing in the area. Seen as more of a small town than enterprise incubator, Station F has birthed a range of other industries in the surrounding area to accommodate the influx of people. Gyms, restaurants and cafes began emerging nearby as they realised the profit-making potential of the area.

It's clear that the $285 million project was a success and it is a place that breeds creativity and similar types of spaces are popping up all around. In London, Apple and Google have separately invested in a 500,000 sq ft space in Battersea Power Station as well as a a 'horizontal skyscraper' in Kings Cross.

There is huge incentive for real estate developers to get involved in this booming game as the profits to be made are gigantic.

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