Meta's New AI Chatbot Is Critical Of Creators

Meta's New AI Chatbot Is Critical Of Creators

Last Friday Meta launched their own AI chatbot. However, it seems that it is highly critical of its creators.

Coined 'BlenderBot3' the artifical intelligent bot is the prototype conversational AI created by Facebook parent company, Meta. According to the company, BlenderBot3 is able to dicsuss nearly any topic and have invited members of the public to try it out.

So far, the results of the chat bot have been anything but boring. When asked about Meta founder and CEO Mark Zuckerburg the bot responsed saying that "he is a good buisinessman, but his business practices are not always ethical." This has raised some alarm bells with the public and rightfully so. With the constant conversation surrounding the ethics of AI, it is no wonder that the software itself has concerns surrounding it.

There have been various arguments over the last year regarding whether artifically intelligent systems are able to form some kind of identity and conciousness.

With the initial announcement, Meta decided to display the software lying to a user. The announcment displayed a conversation between the bot and user discussing working on a book. BlenderBot stated that it had "been working on my new book all night" following up by saying that it will be a "modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice". The general sentiment around AI chat bots is that to form a conversation it accesses several databases to form sentences based on other sources. It is hard to determine what it means for a chatbot to be truthful or dishonest and whether this occurs on purpose or just by coincidence.

With the complaints surrounding other chatbots and their prejuduces, specifically racism, BlenderBot forces users to acknowledge that the AI is "likely to make untrue or offensive statements." With the critism of its own creators, it is clear that this chatbot is not intended for highly practical or intellectual use.

There are many artificially intelligent chat bots across the internet that can be used for serious purposes. This is where the concern of prejudice comes in. However, Meta seems to be taking a different route. The conversation surrounding it shows that maybe this software is used for fun and entertainment. Even so, it is hard to overlook ethical issues simply for the purpose of a laugh.

A user on Twitter pointed out that they "love chatbots. They are the only thing setting a constant reminder that AI is far away from being human like or intelligent". As discussed before, AI does seriously concern people. However, the lack of intelligence and random statements show that, for now, there is no need to worry.

What do you think? Are AI chatbots going too far? Or should we embrace the technology despite its flaws?

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