Patches Off - The Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation

Patches Off - The Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation

Being able to and have the honour to be able to cure blindness and reduce poverty across the world is something that I would not change. Over the last year, we have conducted over 16,000 free surgeries to those in need. One of the moments that make it much more emotionally worthwhile is the moment when patients have their eye patches removed.

Better known as the patches off moment. Patients are in shock and emotional when they realise they are able to see again. In the video below you can see the moment when two patients from Lumbini and Doramba had their patches removed.


Patients await the removal of their eye patches. This is the moment when they realise they are able to see again. Follow for more stories and videos about curing blindness across the world 🌏 #blindness #nepal #tejkolhi #drruit #nepal #tejkohliruitfoundation #charitytok

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Once the patient is has had their bandages removed, medical staff will conduct a quick eye test, normally asking the patient to state how many fingers are being held up. Patients praise the doctors and medical team and bless them for giving them the gift of sight once again. It is incredible to see people get a second chance at life and watch them become the person they once were.

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