Support for surgery

Support for surgery

Millions of people across the globe are unable to afford surgeries and lack support in healthcare. Some are unable to afford the cost of anaesthesia or simply do not have access to the resources needed for surgery. With the vast innovations that occur around healthcare today, equal access to everyone is vital.

Thinking about innovation often brings the idea of expensive, futuristic and hi-tech equipment. However, this does not have to always be the case. Many developers are searching for cheaper and more simple alternatives to what already exists.

Innovators of the future

A group from the University of Leeds in the UK are developing new and innovative surgical methods. The technology is being produced  to support low income countries. For instance, one of their first creations was a simplistic and more affordable tool to perform keyhole surgeries. A lot of the time simple keyhole surgeries can often be dangerous and almost  impossible in certain countries. This new method could subsequently assist in the way impoverished communtities access healthcare.

In more advanced countries such as the UK and the US, healthcare organisations are adopting robotic systems. Due to these new surgical methods surgeons have a greater level of precision and skill to perform intense surgeries.

Whilst these advancements are incredible, they are widening the gap between access to healthcare. Many Asian and African countries are not able to access the basics of healthcare. Inequality in healthcare and surgery has become increasingly prevalent over the last few years.

What we do

I have personally noticed this through my own healthcare ventures such as the Tej Kohli and Ruit Foundation. With each organisation, we have seen just how difficult it is for those living in poverty to gain access to sufficient and viable healthcare. Without this, communities and countries are being driven deeper into poverty making the stark gap in healthcare even wider.

Groups such as the one from Leeds University are part of a group that will lead the world towards equality in healthcare. Their motto is to do more with less through “frugal innovation”. It is clear to me that this will change a lot for the systems of healthcare already in place.

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